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Jun 12, 2018

Your road map to this week's entertainment-themed podcast:

00:28 Trophy WifeWe both say "Awww" to a brand-new twist on the sitcom wedding—and "oh my" to Megan Mullally as Kate's terrible mother—in "The Wedding," parts 1 and 2.

06:41 The West WingOrder is restored, both on the show ("The Dogs of War," season 5) and the podcast, because Hrishi and Josh have returned from their tour.

14:58 Challenge Round: White CollarTerri challenged Catherine to an episode of this show so we could get a glimpse of Procedural Natalie Morales (after a nice amount of Sitcom Natalie Morales on Trophy Wife). Like Suits before it, it's a fun one.

We'll be bringing you a replay next week, but for June 26, we'll watch the next two episodes of Trophy Wife ("Couples Therapy" and "The Minutes"), The West Wing's "Jefferson Lives," and for the challenge round, Coco