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Jan 22, 2016

Word BubbleSince we know that our listeners don't have much time to read because of all of their grown-up responsibilities (though we do hope you've found 45+ minutes to listen to podcasts), here's a quick roadmap of this week's chat:

1:49 What's New With You: Finding gifs has become a major pastime for us, but one out of four of us hasn't quite mastered the art of pasting the right one in.

6:38: Topic 1—Do You Still Read?: After blowing past quite a number of efforts to seque by Amanda, Terri finally gets the message to start our first topic, which asks: Do we make time for book readin'? Do we think it's important? Do we make it a priority for ourselves, or are we so busy finding gifs that we never get to it?

15:49 Topic 2—Do You Have What's Required to Be a Grown-Up Adult?: Jumping off from a Buzzfeed listicle on the things you need to be a grown-up, we talk about what we've got, what we're missing, and what being an adult really means. (If you like the sound of Terri's in basket, it's on the Really Good Stuff site.)

27:18 Interview of the Week: Catherine chats with grandparenting expert Susan Adcox about kids and concussions, and shares lots of great information on how to recognize your child or grandchild has one and what parents and grandparents can do about it.

39:51 Shameless Self-Promotion: Amanda shares an article on "How to Help Your Tween Get the Writing Bug"; Terri selflessly promotes Barnes & Noble Readouts, which delivers book excerpts and a serialized novel to your Nook or Nook app; Nicole shares her site The Inclusive Class; and Catherine shares some articles on concussions: "What I Learned From My Own Kid's Concussion"; "Concussions - Symptoms and Signs"; Cognitive Rest; and "Safer Soccer: No Headers Before High School."

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for producing our podcast and most especially for our spiffy new in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.