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Sep 30, 2016

Word bubbleOn this week's group chat, we're inspired by a new fall TV show to think about our own family's entertainment potential; wonder if we'd reconfigure those families if we had a chance; shout out some stuff we like on the Roundabout Roundup; and talk about special-needs parenting with Robert Rummel-Hudson. Here's your road map to the episode:

7:55 Story of Our Lives — Watching the new NBC drama This Is Us got us thinking profound thoughts about the way our childhoods have formed the people we are now ... and shallow thoughts about whether our own families would make for good TV shows. We take up that latter point today, and also contemplate how we'd make best use of the power to flashback. (Mentioned: our Round 2 on the show; Nicole's "Coming to America" documentary.)

24:30 Speed Round: Would You Rather? — We've been playing "Would You Rather" on our Speed Rounds all week, and Catherine saved the most dangerous question for today: if you could change the gender ratio of your children, would you do it? We tiptoed around it as carefully as we could.

28:08 Parenting Roundabout Roundup — Terri has been trying out yet another online organizational solution, Trello; Catherine thinks the Girls on the Run program is pretty cool; and Nicole is playing Match the Dots, though we hope not while we're talking on the podcast.

32:48 Interview of the Week: Robert Rummel-Hudson — Rob and Terri chatted about a post he wrote for Support for Special Needs a while back called "Toll," and the difficulty of overbelieving in your child when so many professionals are determined to make you underbelieve.

53:48 Shameless Self-Promotion — Terri reminds everyone that you can listen to our podcast on YouTube (and find some nice playlists, too); YouTube is also where you can see Nicole's recent webinar; and Catherine explains exactly what she means by “family fitness” on VeryWell.

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.