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Nov 4, 2016

Word BubbleOn this week's group chat, we talk about tough choices moms have to make; share some kid food quirks on our Friday speed round; shout out some stuff we like on the Roundabout Round-Up, and hear an interview with pediatric occupational therapist Meghan Corridan.. Here's your road map to the episode:

5:05 Can Someone Get Us a Time-Turner? — A week or so ago, Catherine was at a skating competition, biting her nails over whether her daughter would qualify to re-skate in a championship round ... because that would mean she'd have to miss her son’s choir concert (which is exactly what happened). We lament the dilemma of having to choose between two kids and their activities/events, and wish someone would get going with some cloning or time-travel tech to help us out. (Also mentioned: past podcasts on being two places at once and turning back time.)

20:09 Speed Round: Foods Kids Won’t Eat — It's no surprise that some of our kids won't eat vegetables, but do we really have a kid who won't eat chocolate?

26:28 Parenting Roundabout Roundup — Terri sees her special-needs and Hamilton interests collide in a Washington Post article, "My non-verbal son communicates through 'Hamilton'"; Catherine recommends the Highlights for Parents website; and Nicole appreciates "Jaxon the Zamboni Kid." (Also mentioned: our podcast re: the zen of Zamboni.)

31:35 Interview of the Week: Meghan Corridan — Pediatric occupational therapist Meghan Corridan talks to Catherine about how to make the coloring craze into a group activity. (Also mentioned: our coloring book conversation.)

43:05 Shameless Self-Promotion — Terri invites listeners to her Facebook page, Nicole would like some more followers on her new, non-Inclusive-Class Twitter, and Catherine has an article on her VeryWell site about making fitness fun for the whole family.  

Thanks as always to Jon Morin for our fun in-and-out music. If you're reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.