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Sep 13, 2016

On this week's episode of Parenting Roundabout's entertainment-themed Round 2, we greet a new season of Dancing With the Stars, continue our Sports Night marathon, and watch along with the latest West Wing Weekly offering. Here's your road map:

00:38 Dancing With the Stars — The only eliminations on this first night of competition were of two men who stormed the stage to protest Ryan Lochte's participation and a group of women in the audience supporting them (see video for what the audience saw and Entertainment Weekly for what was really going on). The rest of the episode was perfectly pleasant, with nobody embarrassing themselves and only one contestant seeming genuinely befuddled about being there. You can see all the dances on the Dancing With the Stars site.

15:18 Sports Night marathon — This week's episodes up for discussion are Season 1's "Mary Pat Shelby," "The Head Coach, Dinner, and the Morning Mail," "Dear Louise," and "Thespis." If you want to watch along, ABC's offering the episodes for free (with commercials) on its website. (Also mentioned: Sorkinisms video.)

24:14 West Wing watch— Following along with the West Wing Weekly podcast, we watched the cliffhanger finale of Season 1, "What Kind of Day Has It Been?"

For next week's episode, we'll be watching Sports Night episodes "The Quality of Mercy at 29K," "Shoe Money Tonight," "The Six Southern Gentleman of Tennessee," and "Smoky," but since we'll have Sunday's Emmy ceremony to discuss, we're going to take two weeks to watch the two-part opener of West Wing Season 2, "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen."