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Sep 6, 2016

On this week's episode of Parenting Roundabout's entertainment-themed Round 2, we discuss a new Hamilton fan-podcast, start our Sports Night marathon, and watch along with the latest West Wing Weekly offering. Here's your road map:

00:54 “The Room Where It's Happening” — We're all about all things Hamilton, so we were excited to hear about a podcast for and featuring superfine sounded right up our alley. While we can pick some nits with at least one of the first four episodes of The Room Where It's Happening, we'll keep listening along for sure. Hamilton!

12:09 Sports Night marathon — Having finished our Parks and Recreation marathon last week, we embark on another sitcom watch (for Catherine) and rewatch (for Terri). This week, we viewed and discussed Season 1 episodes "Pilot," "The Apology," "The Hungry and the Hunted" (including the scene above), and "Intellectual Property." If you want to watch along, ABC's offering the episodes for free (if you don't count the minutes of your life wasted on commercials) on its website. We'll also be referring back to Alan Sepinwall's rewatch from 2009, which is well worth reading along with.

31:14 West Wing watch— Following along with the West Wing Weekly podcast, we watched "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics," and particularly enjoyed the podcast's interview with Bill O'Brien, who played Joey Lucas's interpreter Kenny.

For next week's episode, our Sorkin double-feature will be Sports Night episodes "Mary Pat Shelby," "The Head Coach, Dinner, and the Morning Mail," "Dear Louise," and "Thespis," and the West Wing Season 1 finale, "What Kind of Day Has It Been?" Watch with us!